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Server Faction Ratios


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This analysis is a few days old, but was populated with launch-day stats. Those stats might have already gone to heck in a handbasket, so ymmv.




These guys have taken the info from the SWTOR site and broken it down demographically (and made it a helluvalot easier to read). Of course, we all know how people are about changing their minds, and a lot of these are from free accounts that may evaporate once the system is limited to paying customers only... but it's interesting data.


Worldwide, Empire outnumbers Republic 275k to 186k. (About 60% Empire)

Worldwide, on RP servers Republic outnumbers Empire 30k to 26k (About 54% Republic)

Worldwide, on PvE servers Empire outnumbers Republic 114k to 89k (About 56% Empire)

Worldwide, on PvP servers Empire outnumbers Republic 136k to 67k (About 67% Empire)


Conclusion - The largest group of players is both PvP and Empire (30% of all players). The second largest group of players is PvE and Empire (about 25% of all players). Together these two groups make up about half of all players.


My server (Sanctum of the Exalted) has 1307 Imperials in 20 guilds and 2190 Republicans in 28 guilds, so it's 63% Republic, which is strangely even more tilted.



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I have seen sites with overall server populations, but any sites that breakdown the make-up of players by Faction and maybe even Class? Probably too early, but I know there was one for...that other game.


P.S. I know that Empire far out populates Republic probably across the board, but just curious how bad it is.


P.P.S. Yes, I tried Google.

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