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Some positive feedback about PvP


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Regarding PvP, I am not usually the biggest fan of PvP in any MMO, especially battleground-type PvP, but I find the PvP in SWTOR far and away a lot more fun than in any other game. Whatever they did, they did it right, because a normally non-PvP'er is having a blast right now playing warzones. I rolled on a PvP server because I enjoy the tension, danger and thrill of open-world PvP, and I always have. Battleground-type PvP was almost always a waste of time for me--it wasn't ever very much fun, and the spread of annoyances built up pretty fast and turned me off quickly on the rare occasions I ever even had the urge to queue up for PvP.


In WoW, for example, I quickly got frustrated and annoyed with most PvP options for various reasons, even when grouping. Yes, I was not the greatest player, but also not the worst either. Still, not even grouping with buddies made PvP become fun. Further, in every other MMO, whether I liked the rest of the game or not, I did not enjoy PvP in any form.


To others like me: if you aren't enjoying solo PvP, I'd encourage you to really look into finding 1 or 2 people to run with all the time, and get used to playing in a small team. This makes a WORLD of difference in SWTOR, for some reason. I find reasons to queue up for warzone after warzone every day, and every time it's a blast, even when I lose.


So Bioware, great job on the launch implementation of the PvP game. Based on my experiences so far, I'm making a note here: huge success.

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