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Q: reverse engineering + artifice ???


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I have been using "reverse engineering" to change a green item into blue and then to purple.


However, I was only able to do that to what were there in the beginning; 3 colored crystals and 2 types of Hilts.


I can make these 5 items into purple with the method I have been using.


But I would like to create more items besides these 5 and don't know how to put the new items to my list.


Also, I can't revere engineer everything. Is there a list of items that can be 'reverse engineered' and the ones that can't be?


And if my crew skills 'artifice' reaches 400/400, what happens next?

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You can change the dropdown on the trainer's list to Show All (the right side one...the left side sorting options aren't working currently) this will list ALL the purchasable recipies and next to the name it'll list the skill level requirement to purchase the skill.


This'll help you plan your harvesting etc as you skill up.

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