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[GUIDE] How to find out when you'll get in


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STEP 1: realize that as of last week, there were approx. 900,000 preorders recognized by VGchartz. Their info may not be representative of the actual numbers, BUT it will serve as a RANDOM SAMPLE


STEP 2: go to http://www.vgchartz.com/preorders/40755/USA/


STEP 3: scan through the weeks until you find the week you submitted your code. record the total number of preorders as of that week.


STEP 4: divide that number by 900,000


STEP 5: arithmetic: 19-13 +1 = 7 days of early start. 7-2 = 5 days available, guaranteeing everyone in for the 18th and 19th


STEP 6: multiply your STEP 4 result by 5 to get number of days you have to wait from today, including today


STEP 7: stop whining on the forums because you can now get on with your life.




STEP 7b: watch this until you're invited. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsDugITBANI&feature=youtu.be

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It doesn't, but if they're going to get all the benefits from staggering it, this is a reasonable approximation. We could modify it so that there are only 5 days to multiply your factor by, which will guarantee everyone at least 2 days of head start.
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As I stated before...

If you’re anxiously awaiting when you will get into the game, here is some interesting information about the pre-order breakdown, number of people who have pre-ordered and where you might be on the list. Now you can see a very generalized guesstimation of where you might be on the list.



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