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Server population and the 20th launch


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I'm not sure if this thread is in the right place and I have read the blog from the developers on server loading. Even though, I'm just looking for confirmation on our server.


Our guild was launched on Jedi Covenant and there is a 20m+ queue most of the afternoon and at night. Is our server, and others like it locked for launch? If not, can we request that it is locked for launch? I really don't want 1hour +queues.


From MMOs I've played in the past, I know a high server population vastly benefits me later and our guild understands that as well. Even though, I remember waiting hours for queues at release and the server was never balanced properly for at least a year after launch (namely Blackrock in WoW).


All in all, I trust Bioware's judgement on it, but just ask to consider locking servers for new characters if they are already capped.


My apologies if this has already been covered and I did not find it.

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