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Key Binding suggestions for Mercenary Bounty Hunter


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Just curious to see what everyones layout looks like for Merc. BH and what they use for key binding. Screen shots welcome! Currently, I have my healing/stims and shield at f1-f4. My main attacks like tracer missile, unload, death from above, rail shot, and fusion missile at 1-5. and my secondary attacks such as stun darts, rocket punch, and flame thrower on Q,E,R, AND T. I'm trying to break the W,A,S,D keyboard movement and switch all movement to my mouse (holding left click/right click) but its tough to do....
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so I typed up a big thing because I was bored and at work but the I figured you really don't need to know what keys I use. all I can say is use as many as you are comfortable with. Personally I use a naga so I don't need to use tons of keyboard hotkeys, but if you don't have a naga you will probably wanna get use to using modifiers like shift and ctrl or alt. whatever is more comfortable for you. Personally I prefer shift if I need to use a modifier, so it's all my normal normal keybinds +shift


this is coming from a player who used to only use 1-6 as keybinds and clicked everything else. its so much more convenient. lol


or even if you dont use a naga i believe some of them mice with 2 buttons on the thumb can be set to be used as shift ctrl or alt. so them can be used as ur modifiers if you need. so many options


i never understand why people use wasd. seems so uncomfortable to me, qwes is the way to go :)

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Im a healer so here we go... hehe (final spec settings as Im only level 26)


Q-Basic attack

W-Rapid Scan

E-Healing Scan

R-Kolto Shell


G-Concussion Missile

C-Jet Boost

1-Rocket Punch

2-Supercharged Gas

3-Kolto Missile


shift+Q-Tracer Missile (Power Shot right now)


shift+E-Rail Shot

shift+R-Fusion Missile

shift+1-Death from Above

shift+2-Sweeping Blasters

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Keybinds I use as a healer:


Pinky Finger:

`= Power Surge

Q = Emergency Scan

W = Rapid Scan

A = Healing San

Z = Kolto Missle

1 = Heal pot


Ring Finger:

S= Strafe Left

2 = Crit / Surge Adrenal

3 = Cure


Middle Finger:

Act as anchor

E = Forward

D = Shield


Second Finger:

F: Strafe right

4: Death from above

5: Incendiary Missle

T: Power Shot

Y: Unload

U: Rail Shot

6: Break Free

R: Kolto Shell



X: Vent Heat

C: Super Charged Gas

V: Rapid Shots

B: Elec. Dart

N: Knockback

M: Conc. Missle

G: Rocket Punch

H: Currently free



I enjoy it b/c it gives me a lot of flexibility w/o having to move my hands for the 1 / Shift 1 setup. Nor do I need to stretch out my hand too much.


For example, a common PVP situation would be where my team need heals + multiple enemies on me. Quick rotation I would use might be if I had 30 charges of gas:


2: Ring finger, Crit / Surge Adrenal

C: Thumb, release gas

Z: Pinky, Kolto Missle

1: Pinky, Heal pot

N: Thumb, Knockback

A: Pinky, Heal Scan

B: Thumb, Elec. Dart

One last Z: Pinky, Kolto Missle for the damage recution.


Using the above rotation as example, I like this setup b/c my hand don't have to stretch out too far, in fact, I barely have to make any movements. Also, it helps me manage my abilites when I assign a "role" to each finger (pinky = heals, thumb = heat control, cc, etc.)

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