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We need a way to search our schematics for slot type and/or modifier type


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I'm leveling Synthweaving. Only low level so far but my schematics are already beginning to be disorganized.


For instance, every green glove can be RE'd into 3 different blue schematics. Each of those can be RE'd into 4 different purple schematics, and possibly even more after that. So each green schematic has at least 12! upgrades associated with it. Imagine when I get 10, 20 or 30 green schematics!



Trying to find any particular piece will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure we can already search for item level, difficulty or rating (maybe also name not sure), but this has really limited use. Unless we can narrow down our view to a particular slot type, or modifier type. That would help so much.


Please implement a more extensive schematic search.

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The best implementation would simply be a set of collapsible schems where the green is visible top tier and when available could be opened up for blue and/or purple below it. They would be grouped by item level (highest to lowest) under their current "type".


- OR -


As you learn the new schems (blue and purple) you get the new components added to the schem (so far it appears that it's just the addition of the blue and/or purple item to make the same thing as the green without).


So there would be an "Ion Blaster" that needs Silica and Desh. You RE it and learn the blue version "Ion Super Blaster" that needs the same Silica and Desh and now 1 carbo-plas. RE the Ion Super Blaster and learn the "Advanced Ion Super Blaster" that needs the same as the previous AND 1 Nyosteel.


The blue and purple items would be "optional" and the item name would change as you select to add said items.

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