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Cybertech & reverse engineering schematics


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Could someone clarify what's the point of having a gazillion schematics that seem useless?


For example: I made enough mods to break so that I learned all four blue lvl 9 versions of them. I was really happy and went to the trainer.


Trainer taught me four new schematics, same usage, lvl 11. And yet the worst green quality mod was better than the epic of previous tier.


With the "normalized" warzones no one will bother to pay a lot of extra to get epic or maybe not even blue versions of anything, especially when stat differences are so minuscule.


Am I missing something here? Is crafting/discovering these only a money sink and something for the hardcore crafters to pursue?


TORHead has a whopping 883 schematics, I think that's way too many for a game that hasn't even properly launched yet.

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Sorry I have very sensitive eyes and I have to try to minimize contrasts whenever I can.


And as for warzones, I already said they've been normalized. I guess you don't know what it means because it nullifies a lot of min-maxing.

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