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We need ops group in PVP !


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For now the pvp in SWTOR is broke as u can see in many thread of this forum… heal frame sux hard, GCD of 1.5s make the game not enough nervous, no bracket, no bg filter, too much hard cc, etc…


But we can still have fun if battlegrounds become more competitive with 8 vs 8 premade.. with no pick up.

I’m a pvp lover in a pvp guild in à pvp server…. But I saw nothing to love in pvp.

You made strategic map with no strategic team, its really not logic at all… We cant control pick up players… even if we try to talk with them, they do what they want and its normal, they want to have fun too, not be control by strangers.


And it’s why huttball and alderand is not very fun, because we cant make good strategy.. So I hate huttball right now, but sometime when with my teammates we run for a score with passes, its really fun, and enjoyable!!! But it’s not really frequent coz when a pick up got the ball, in 90% of the case he ll loose it whithout any pass.. boring.


One of my best memory in pvp was in the beg of wow. Guild vs guild in arathi, because when you was in group queue, there was 80% chance to fight against another team or guild and there was a lot of epic fight against the other faction, so much fun.


The game is good but dont get it wrong in pvp or you'll loose a lot of players very quicly bioware...


Maybe get only inscription in full team in the pvp serv.. I dont know! BUT WE REALLY NEED OPS QUEUE!


ps: sorry for my poor english! (I'm a french noob!)

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Yep, me and my guild are complaining about that every day… We are always 8/10 guys who want to pvp together and it’s impossible even if we queue at the same time, never works…. Hate this system…

Please bioware change it!!

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