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First of all, I'd like to thank Bioware for creating such an amazing game. I'm a many years fan of yours, but this time you outdid yourself. Noone's perfect though, and so you've made a few mistakes, thus this post.


The most important thing, balance between classes, or rather lack of it. To be more precise, lack of balance between Sith Marauder and other classes (my opinion is based on PvP as well as group PvE, and trying all 3 of skill trees). I'm playing as a Sith Marauder, and I find him inferior to any other class. Yeah, I deal more damage than Juggernauts, but hey, they're supposed to be tanks, right? All ranged classes (maybe excluding healers, but that's also disputable) deal more damage than me. I won't even mention assasins, because that's like comparing earth and heaven. In PvP a single assasin class can bring me down in a matter of few seconds, while I chase around people, spamming my skills, spamming slow and using charge about 3 times per one kill (that's an average). Why a class, that's marked as DPS, and nothing more deals so little damage? Not to mention lack of cc. Slow, and that's it? Oh yeah, I can spec in a Rage tree, which would give my Deadly Throw stun, but that's about it. While trying to 1v1 Operative I found myself stunned 3 times during the fight, popped all my cooldowns and still he ended up with about 50% hp left (F and cover and I can't even charge him, how dumb it is? >_<). I know, that the game isn't even on the official release yet, I'm just hoping you'll take a serious look at that class, so I won't have to reroll. A guy wielding 2 lightsabers doesn't feel even half as destructive as he should.


While I'm at it - PvP overall. It's great, that you guys added autobuff for everyone in those warzones, so PvP would feel more balanced, and that people who level up faster can actually play with lower levels, without having to wait for an hour to join a single battle. But why are they punished for leveling faster? I am level 26 right now, about 5,4k hp unbuffed. In PvP I have about 12k hp (one more level and it'll go below that), then I see some level 12 sorcerer running around with 12,5k hp. My damage is getting worse as well. I remember, that when I was at levels 10-14 I could actually hit those 2,5k+ crits and earn medal, now it's impossible. Some would say, that higher levels have advantage in skill numbers. That's not true though. In most MMOs, PvP is about 4, 5 buttons. Since level 15 I believe, I learned one skill that's proved useful, and that's ONLY when you have an ally next to you - force crush or whatever it's name (choking). One of a very few disables for Marauder, the only problem is that it's channeling, so I can't immobilize and cut my enemy to pieces. It's no good for escaping, nor chasing. Anyway, getting back to the point. Why am I dealing less and less damage with higher rank skills? That makes no sense. Today I've lost a 1v1 (being level 25) with level 14 Sith Marauder, simply because his damage was higher (highest crit on him from me was 2,3k I believe, his highest crit on me was 2,7k). Is that a way to discourage higher level players? Are we supposed to stick to the questing, because in PvP we're getting worse as our toons become stronger? I sense no logic in here.



And last, but not least is the size of the world. Everything here looks great and beautiful, I can't deny it (and I don't even want to), but why are you lying to your customers by showing them world that isn't as huge in reality? When I'm questing you're forcing me, to follow the road I see on a map, because there's simply no other way to get to my objective. Why did you put so many obstacles around? I'd like to explore more, but because you put hills, with walls so horizontal, that it feels like they're about to fall on you, and they're surrounding the entire zone, I can't. At the beginning of the game, in one of Sith Tombs, I tried to jump down instead of going downstairs. And I couldn't. Not because I couldn't jump over the barriers, but because there was an invisibvle wall blocking me. Tsk tsk, not nice Bioware, not nice...


I hope you guys at Bioware will read my feedback and take it into consideration. The game is still great and I'm sure I'll be playing it for many, many months, years perhaps. I just hope you won't make it die. It has a potential of becoming the best MMO. And no, I'm no WoW hater, in fact I've been playing it for 5 years. And until now it was my favorite MMO. But if we take first three days of my experience with SWTOR and first three days of my experience with WoW, there's only one thing I can say:

The king is dead. Long live the King.

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