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RP-PvP "Lord Calypho" - Excluded from Transfers...


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Imagine how busy the server would be if we all just went on it to play....


I, Jest :p


Seriously.. Where is the response..


He he, yup, I post whilst waiting in WZ queue. Gives me lots of time to read forums.

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RP-PvP (Lord Calypho) --> PvE (Red Eclipse)

RP-PvP (Lord Calypho) --> RP-PvE (The Progenitor)

RP-PvP (Lord Calypho) --> PvP (Tomb of Freedon Nadd)


As time goes on, some of us will be tired of posting our grievances and just play other stuff:(

I don't want re roll any character to other server, because I already knew the storyline and I hate leveling toons starting from zero again and the legacy is really a waste and the time I devoted to get them.

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I really think we soon should get a transfer away from lord calypho, ppl that are great players a quitting the game now so the server get's more empty and all BW does is just give a we cannot give you specific answer check the official website for more info, how hard is it too get us transfer to a PvP server??


we pay for this game, and we hope BW can deliver, since patch 1.2 it has been down hill struggle for BW, making 3 or 4 hugh servers is a step in the right direction, but by letting us out they loose some of the best players in this game, we were the biggest server when launch kicked in and now we are a ghost server.


pls and i mean pls BW give us that damn free transfer we deserve for being loyal for 7 month instead of making us quit this game. and hopefully in due the next 2 days in my opinion, as we REALLY deserve it.

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I have supported this post since day one, but its becoming a bit boring.


Most of the people here are threatening, or declaring to stop because they are not transferred Now.


I am sure BW will give Lord Calypho players there desired transfer, They are showing they want high pop 500+ servers all around.

So its just to have a bit of patience.


Now if people on here would play we might have a bit of a better pop on Lord Calypho.

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