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a gambling-area would be nice


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i would like to have a section on nar shaddaa and/or fleet where you could gamble and bet against other players to gain money from it


here some suggestions :


pazaak :

you buy cards from a vendor and play against other players and bet cash for each game (or just for fun)

maybe in a nice lounge or so on the fleet or implement an emote for sitting on a table with your

component to get a more lively feeling when you walk through the fleet


podracer :

1. you have to build racing tracks maybe 3 at the beginning and then more and more^^

2. everybody can buy a standart podracer and upgrade it through mods crafted by a cybertec

(either every pod has the same speed but has one or two slots for special upgrades like turbo

or shield / or you can completely costomize your pod (speed durability shields etc.))

3. sponsor a pilot and get maybe 30% of his earnings or be a pilot yourself

4. you get X% from the pot of the people which are betting on your race as reward depending on the

place you made (1. gets 20%, 2. 10%, 3. 5%)

5. make rankings for the pilots so players know on whom to bet but get less money for bettin on the


6. give us a big screen where we can watch the race and a bookie or just some counters


these are just 2 suggestions for the gambling section you're free to ad as many other games as you like^^

would be nice to hear what you all think about this idea (which i'm sure has come up already but didn't search the forum^^)


p.s. apologies for mistakes i'm no native :D

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or you could even have a special cantina on narshadaa where you could watch huttball games in the arena and have another section for pazaak and another for duelling to gain money. like back in the day in Kotor.

I reckon that would be superb,

thanks for letting me have a in put :D

the game is AWESOMEEEE!!!!!! :D


:ph_love_this: (says love this :p )

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