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Some Suggestions and questions


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I really am enjoying SWTOR but I have some concerns about the viability of a game which has lost 25% of its player base. I would like to ask some questions and engage in some candid discussion about the way things are being handled. I'm not here to take a metaphorical dump on the people who brought us the game. I do want to ask some hard questions though.


1. Why did this game come out with graphic requirements which effectively limited its market share? The competition knew that in order to obtain the greatest amount of customers they would make their product available to those who use out of the box computers with built in graphics cards. (If I am misinformed here please correct me)


2. Meta-plot story line needs to be stronger than Republic(Jedi) good Empire(Sith) bad. Even your competitors found ways to create moral ambiguity and didn't brush the whole story arc with black and white thinking. Surely there are detestable Jedi and likable Sith. (Or is the license constrained to limit story content?) Good Narrative is just an essential element to effective gaming.


3. Would it be possible to implement Story Arcs which people can participate in over the course of a few months. Rakghoul plague was an interesting idea but it hardly captured my attention. Establishing ongoing stories which would be in effect like acts in a play would generate enthusiasm and provide something which the competition is lacking.


4. Hutt faction would have been a better fit for Bounty Hunter and Smugglers. A Hutt faction would also provide more story opportunities and give those players an opportunity to work with Empire and Republic factions. Obviously there would need to be faction thresh holds for neutral parties.


5. Gear/Crew Skills: Some improvements need to occur with green gear so that its temporary use is merited. I also think that you maybe missing the boat on not providing each gear quality with specific levels of customization. Certain green items can use green customization: blue items can use blue or green: purple items use purple, blue and green..This would certainly enhance the markets and make crew skills more meaningful. Crafted items should be meaningful and not just a tool to get to the next skill level.


6. Stats. I do understand the notion of simplicity but maybe the game takes it a step to far.Strength for melee, Aim (though I think I would use another name) for ranged and Cunning for tech skills makes sense but you made the class fit the stats and it should be the other way around. Snipers using cunning rather than aim for doesn't make sense nor do Assassins and Shadows using Willpower. I think your players are smart enough to allocate statistics. You can certainly create a reset button if their optimization is a problem..


7. Quests. Return missions drive players nuts. There should be very little reason why anyone should continuously go back to base when we all have holocoms. Can you explain why they're needed.


8. Visual Style: Any chance that the cinematic wipes (fades to the next scene in a movie) could be made to mimic the style in the movies?


9. Cyborgs: Not a race. Why not make Cybernetic access a Legacy Ability and provide people with the opportunity to buy cybernetic augments which can be both cosmetic and useful?


Finally: I want to see more players involved in the game but many things need to be fixed. You have at its core a very good product but meaningful changes need to happen relatively soon.

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