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Oh the doom and gloom I am tired of it


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Unfortunately Americans (if not the rest of the world) have become an instant gratification country (world). All I see are people posting about how bad this game is and how it is going to fail blah blah blah blah.


While this games END GAME is lacking (then again so does every single MMO that comes out) a lot of the complaints are well just another sign of instant gratification syndrome.


I don't know how many of you played WoW when it 1st came out but I can tell you it was nearly unplayable until they upgraded their servers almost a year later. Total server crashes that would take 1/2 hour to fully crash leaving players stuck and unable to play only talk to others. Every patch seemed to break more and more things and LETS not get into their pvp balance at that time and throughout the game.


I remember a patch where they got it so screwed up the servers were down for 48 hours let me tell you how many mad people there were with that one.


While I do believe BW is being very slow with its updating (I mean almost a month and no pts running yet) is well absurd in my opinion but not a reason to be all doom and gloom. I have been playing this game from release and still enjoy the game, sure there are some issues that I would love to see fixed like:


1: broken nodes nothing worse then wasting your time to get to a node to find out it is bugged.

2: Not having a big interactive pvp map to have fun on. I mean all the WZ's are really way to similar in taste and that needs to be changed.

3: Need LFG and cross server LFG for both PVP and PVE (which is happening with next patch thank god) as I get tired of seeing the same people every single day I like variety and new challenges.


These are just a small sample as this is not a what i want fixed post.


All I am saying is this game is not as bad as most people would like everyone to believe. Stop being an instant gratification syndrome person and you will learn to love the game again I mean really? You all seem to expect every MMO on the market to be polished and have the content WoW does after 7+ years of development.


PS: I also love how people say TERA and GW2 etc will destroy SWTOR when we all know they will not. They both have their place in the MMO world but they BOTH will have the same problems every single MMO has right now. To many players with the instant gratification syndrome.

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Hello all,


We understand that not everyone gets along, or agrees with each other, but we ask that topics be focused on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and not the community itself. We are going to close this thread, but please do feel free to join in on discussions about specific game-related topics.

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