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Phasing-out; getting rid of phases and adding in filler animation.


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So it just occurred to me that BW said that they were going to try and make the 'phases' such as the Jedi Knight vs Jedi Consular phase idea, go away. It also occurs to me while typing thing that people are complaining that the game feels 'linear' and 'closed world', that this game is a single-player game without any real benefits of it being single player and only some of the benefits of it being an MMO.... How about you make good on your word and in 1.4, 1.5, or even 1.6, we take out these phase spots and make them an integral part of the world? Where aside from some boss-baddie summoning conversations/cut-scenes that places that are currently phases for one class or for multiple classes it would be relatively simple to just have a slightly different group of baddies from the ones in the main area... Please fix this, seriously, it would allow people to jump ahead and find out; "Oh hey I needed to that other part first." giving some backtracking and exploration aspects to the world. People could even enter the wrong area, fight to the end and think 'Where is the quest point? Where is that thing I am supposed to get?' only to find out that they were in the wrong spot the whole time, which would really bring a world together more and this would be really prevalent in worlds like Tython, Ord Mantell, Hutta, and even Korriban, where the class-quest phase entrances are relatively close to one another.


At the very least, and I saw this suggested in the forums of General Chat, add in animations for things like the elevators as well as say, animations of the character boarding a shuttle, or walking in and out of the airlock of the ship, animations of the ship landing (on a normal basis not just during certain planetary cut-scenes), animations of the ship docking to the fleet (like citadel in mass effect 2 in which you could select a private transport to say the Combat training area or whatever), and other filler animations to help with load time waiting. You could even extend these cut-scenes with some humor or extra-storyline driven by the characters actions, for example the ship-droid running after the character and yelling 'WAIT!!' and having the droid stumble or something, before they tell the players' character some humorous story or anecdote about how the character forgot the lunch that the ship-droid packed for him/her, or you could have a companion who is fond of the players' character and/or who is the currently selected companion for the player walk-out with the player and have some minor conversation where the only reward is some small affection points in certain circumstances. You could even throw in some player decision with just the droid idea in which after the droid leaves the player can have his/her character either keep the lunch or toss it aside as they walk away into some nearby trash can, or some nearby soldier or sleeping guy or something more than you selecting the destination/load screen/you're magically there without anything in between to make the player more invested in the game world.


But those are my suggestions.

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Honestly.. I'm surprised Bioware didn't think of / implement this stuff already. For a 2011 MMO it's pretty *****. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this & Diablo the latest MMOs? Because TOR really doesn't feel modern in these ideas. They said all this stuff in the development.. but as soon as EA picked em up they forgot about them..

I think next Monday they need to have a board meeting & watch all those youtube videos & start making that stuff for 1.4, & do it now so they can't turn around & say... Daniel Erickson: Well due to the work load, & overall time to make these things, 1.4 will be delayed for a bit. But don't worry, we're not forgetting about you, it is coming.. & it's going to be an awesome update!" When he does that I want to believe him.. but lately I really can't.


& for the Daniel fan boys out there.. I'm not bashing him, I'm more just saying this is a modern MMO... make it so. I never blame him dirrectly.. just use him to get my message across. I like him, but things just need to get a move on. & start to make good on those promises you made to us. They shut down SWG, the mother of millions of Star Wars fans, on a cloud of promises.. make it happen.

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