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Why I just suspended my recuring subscription


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I just deleted my recurring subscription for the following reasons: (I know some will flame this etc, fine, this is not for you but Bio as I don't know where else to post it.)


I have 3 toons (PVP server) - 50, 42 and 26, I have played since release. I have played several MMOs and have had a very active long term account, since vanilla (4-5ys) and 6x85's with that other MMO wow (was an altaholic). I was so hoping this would be a better game, and it is so far as graphics and "early parts" of the story is concerned, but its not all good and WOW has proven that there is something more to good MMO's rather than graphics (which are pretty bad to be honest).


World PVP - well its not really that now is it. Stations are just places to hang around, spamming lf2m lfg lf1m lf healer, lfg or waiting for a pvp "random" Que.................seems to have become the swtor experience lately, waiting for guildies to log in. Want to run a low level instance,,,,,,,,hang around the station.......use an auction house......hang around the station. Go into an imps area even on non starter planets, unless you can stealth you're insta-dead.


Mouse targeting, this is enough to make me break a keyboard (grrr). try and click on a moving target. Impossible! Tab targeting is broken. huttball a joke because of this.


Phasing - OMG how many times does a person need to phase to one zone or the next......To go to somewhere from the station today.......Travel to elevator - PHASE to hanger, go to ship door, PHASE to ship......go to ship map click planet, go to ship door PHASE to orbital station, go to other side of gantry, PHASE to upper level of orbital station, run across to the other side of Orbital station to back of drop ship (there it gives me an option to go direct to my ship!!) PHASE to the planet, then you can start doing something forwards.......seriously try and go to 2 planets for quick things to help a guildies, takes you 10-15 minutes in phasing times, not adding the fact you can't mount up in these places. First time yep I get it.......level50 after 20 visits it gets old. - Overphasing is the reason i stopped playing Age of Conan


LFG - Log in stand around a station for an hour or 2 trying to get a group, when it takes 45 minutes to find a single DPS for a lvl42 group on a Sunday evening 8:00pm server time, something is screwed. Someone said to me it might be because people are raiding. The game is not even 6 months old there is no "young" blood or alt players? STWOR was apparently years in the making, I am sure you looked at other MMO's and lfg channels was something that features pretty strongly in successful ones. Bioware, you couldn't even put in a World Wide LFG channel? A LFG system 6 months after release which is not even x server?


Player Markers - Able to mark up an enemy healer and it lasts through death for a WHOLE wz, and is visible on the other side of the WZ, seriously poor design. Why not just give us a "kill player x" button that we can focus on an enemy toon at the start of a Wz? It will save me having to click on them and pressing my keyboard 5 times.


Sage - Project - insta cast - finally someone will flick the switch on this one......very late on the balancing.


I have 40 days left on my sub and will likely play towards 1.3 to see if the patch improves the game for grouping on my low level toons but if its not x server I don't think it will help. (I REALLY hope it does improve though).


If it doesn't, then I wish all you guys well and really hope you get your enjoyment out of the game. For me I wish it was not this way as I don't want to reactivate my WOW account and play with panda bears!!!!

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Hi Cullian,


We appreciate it when anyone has taken the time to express their thoughts and concerns but we have closed this thread, as we already have an active thread for this. We do value your feedback and encourage you to post your thoughts in the discussion linked below:


Unsubscriber's Thread: Tell us a few things


We thank you for your time and your understanding that we've closed this thread.



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