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Synthweaving Schematics


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Every moddable chest piece from lvl 30 to 50 from synthweaving for med armor looks exactly the same coming in the various colors of dirt. ummmm....


combo that with the fact that all pvp end game gear looks EXACTLY the same and u only have 1 choice with bonuses...


NEVER has there been a game created where all players of a particular class are made to be EXACTLY the same in look and stats so strongly. I cant tell you how dissappointed i am.


And btw.... the armor looks HORRIBLE!!! I mean REALLY REALLY BAD. just discusting.

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I agree. The clothing in this game is pretty nasty (at least for a light armor player).


There are a couple reasons why (good and bad).


The first and most obvious reason is that BW has to keep people playing the game. In order to get the coolest/strongest gear, and in order to MOD out gear (a solution to the high end pvp gear) it costs credits in turn costing hard work. This helps BW make money but also keeps lots of people playing the game so we can find guildies, and people to group up with. If everything was free people would get bored real fast. So gear can't look as cool on the bottom (or be as strong) or no one would keep playing to get to the top. Yet there is a problem here. Some low level gear DOES look awesome but you can't use it later on (not modable). This needs to be fixed, it is a partial solution to the OP problem.


So I can understand why it takes so much work, coms, and credits. This is all fine and dandy.


My complaint is that despite all that hard work there isn't much to choose from. For LIGHT ARMOR especially!! Light armor can't wear medium, or heavy armor. But heavy armor can wear all three, and medium can wear light armor.


I'm a light armor wearing Lv 50, 64 valor. and there are NO cool pants (maybe just plain white that's it). Only dirt ugly skirts...I mean the nastiest looking skirts you can imagine (BW give us an option to adjust colors? maybe its cause our monitors are all different?).


It bogs me down sometimes to play WZ when I look so hideous. Batman looks cool, Darth Vader looks cool. That's why it's fun and inspiring to play as those characters in other games. When you play as...a JEDI GRANDMOTHER it's not cool. I mean in my battlemaster gear...my back is arched and everything. No lie. Look at a TANK BM gear female...and they will have an arched back and a HIDEOUS skirt...and there are even more hideous skirts for light armor.


So my second point is that WHEN YOU DO GET TO A HIGHER LEVEL, and HAVE ALL THE CREDS and COMS to buy cool stuff........OPTIONS ARE NOT THERE. OR LIKE OP SAID EVERYONE ELSE LOOKS THE SAME. I FOUND ABOUT TWO COOL UNIQUE MODABLE ROBES ON THE GTN and I have maybe two o.k. mod robes (chest) in my inventory that I saved. There are absolutely no cool mod pants, and again the robes (chest)...are just..ok This doesn't include the lack of options for boots and gloves...and the absence of hats for light armor.


My suggestion to BW is to let us change a color or two (i guess via creds) so we can maybe use the small selection we have and make it look slightly more LV 50 or at least make it go with what we have...the clothing items are just o.k. because they still don't GO with other items (despite the 1.2 chest piece only matching option). Most of the time the clothes don't match or have a slight problem (see end of paragraph). If we get to LV50 we deserve to look half way decent. Social gear is o.k. but not a priority. I would use that AFTER my character is cool, not as a temporary fix. Also remove that stupid "hangy" thing from some of the chest pieces. Not only does it glitch into the skirts but it looks ridiculous. What is that thing anyway? It's like Scorpion and Subzero's "hanging belt cloth" from Mortal Kom. At least make it like the ones from MK at least they don't look as silly.


and BW light armor hat's still not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there guys/girls. I TOTALLY agree with you! But in my opinion, the problem is a bit bigger... the Jedi is general have some very boring and repeatable armor designs... all colored in brown and beige [with 1-2 painted in white, OMG :-P ].


I made a suggestion in the following thread: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=504969

Although it's not a 100% cure, it will provide some variety.

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