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pvp que times are horrible


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You have 3 choices.


1. Wait endless hours for a WZ queue to pop while you do anything other than PvP.

2. Re-roll on either Fatman, Swiftsure, Ajunta Pal, or Jung Ma and while you wait see what happens if/when transfers/merges ever happen.

3. Complain on the forums and unsub.


I went with option two, and i'm enjoying the game. If you don't think that is an entertaining option, then I'm not going to knock you for it. I'm sure you put a lot of time and effort into your main and you want to stick with them, but its not really that bad to start over... I'm looking at my original server's population issues like a game-save getting bugged on Skyrim. It would really suck to lose 100+ hours of gametime, but I still want to finish the main quest so I'll start over.


Just to give you a little background, My main was a sniper on Anchorhead, valor 68. I re-rolled an operative healer on the Fatman and I'm at 43 right now. I leveled 4 characters into the 30s on the Pub side on the Fatman too, but I got bored with them so I went back to the Imp side to roll the operative.

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