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It is now your responsibility


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So this will be a rant post. Sorry about that in advance, but it needs to be said.


If you are in a WZ, and you think that something specific should be done, like going west or east in Alderaan, controlling the mid in hutball, or guarding a door in voidstar and no one is doing it... guess what. It is now your responsibility. Stop whining that no one else thinks exactly the same way as you do, and just do it. If no one is guarding a door and you think it is pivotal to winning it is now your responsibility.


I don't care if you're a healer.


I don't care if you do more damage than god.


Guard it until you can either get someone to relieve you or until you're dead.


But don't ***** and moan about how no one went left. I'm sick of people crying "why wasn't anyone guarding east? You people suck!" And when questioned why they didn't go then their response is something like "I do far too much dps to be on guard duty..."


If you think that's the case fine. But if you're gonna abandon an objective don't complain about it when its lost.



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