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UI suggestions


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First off I would like to say how good of a job I think they did with the UI customization in 1.2. I hope they keep up the good work on trying to improve on an already great game IMO.


The first thing I would love to see added to the UI is "Target of focus target" option for healers to see what a focus target is targeting. This would enable healers to focus people in PVP or bosses in PVE and help us to heal easier without making it too easy.


The Second thing I would love to see added to the UI is the addition of a option to move and adjust the size of buffs and debuffs. Another option would be to build in a system that shows buffs activating more easily that would also be able to be placed where the player wanted on the screen. This would enable people with abilities that proc throughout a fight to see that they proc more easily and get a better sense of what ability they have to use next in their rotation or what options they have available to them easier. Some people like the bulk of their UI smaller but would like to be able to see buffs and debuffs easier.


The final thing I would love to see added to the UI is the addition of the ability to bind placing symbols on targets heads to keys so that the player does not have to right click on the target and select a symbol every time. As a tank leading my group or Op in to battle I would like to just be able to tab target through a group and press keys to place the symbols on their heads so I can tell my group which targets to CC and which to focus on first much faster. Adding to this I would also like to see the removal of the ability to place symbols on players heads in PVP. I think this would make it more challenging for players to pvp and make them pay attention to who is doing what more.


I would love to hear what everyone else thinks of my ideas for the UI. Thanks and again keep up the good work Bioware.

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nice idea want to add few things


-be able to add bars "in endless amount of numbers"

-be able to choose color of the gui "hello im sith i dont want jediblue:)"

-fix the graphic outlines of some ui elemnets looks blurry

-add credit count to the ui

-be able to see companion armor menu while mounted

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