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Romancing Vette, something is lacking.


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Alright I will assume the reader have read the "Decived" novel, where Darth Malgus has a relationship with his twillek servant Eleena. In a very similar way as Vette asks the Sith Warrior to marry her, Eleena asks Malgus if they won't soon be more than servant and master. Malgus is deeply conflicted by this because he do love Eleena, but he knows that acknowledging his love to her, will give the other siths a major edge against him.


However, when Vette asks you to marry her you can only answer:


1) Yes I love you!

2) No you're an alien!

3) No...


My point!


There really should be an option to refuge her offer but still keep romancing her, for instance an option to explain the situation to her: "No, sorrry Vette I can't marry you, since it would put you in danger for being targeted by my sith rivals, and would weaken my statues in the sith order


That fact that such an option is not there seems like a pretty deep story hole to me, so would you please consider adding this, or something similar, when you update the companions?

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