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My theory, Twi'lek and Asari (meant in jest)


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The Mass Effect universe and Star Wars universe are, in fact, one and the same!


see just different galaxies..and biotics is so similar to the force because those from the milky way galaxy just learned to use "the force" in a different manner (biotic implants, element 0...vs midichlorians)


Twi'lek and Asari are the same species originally..but a group of female slaves migrated to the milky way through some means and EVOLVED into Asari (even to the point they can "mate" with any species..because evolution doesn't give up!)


huh? huuuuh? yaaaaaah....


EDIT - oh and The Reapers are just leftover machines from the Rakata that also "evolved" and became self-aware..kinda like SCORPIO!


oh yah...fanfics...you're welcome

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i like to think ME draws inspiration from all types of Sci-FI series like Battlestar Galactica Cylons (seemingly similar to the story of the Geth and e quarians),


First thing I thought when I saw the Asari were Twi'leks as well.


that's a big part as to why I like the ME universe so much (despite anything anyone might think of the games) I love Star Wars and I love Star Trek...Mass Effect seems to be a good blend of the two..sci-fi with sci-fantasy

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