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Chests not activating in EC.

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On two different days this week my guild has cleared all the trash in EC and one of the chests does not activate. The first time it was the chest right in front of Kephess, and the second time if was the chest before the Mindsweeper boss. Is anyone else having this issue since the patch?


"Boss encounters no longer drop rewards until the entire encounter has been cleared of enemies."


^^ I think this is the issue. I don't know why this was changed in the first place. I would rather have someone accidentally loot, than have loot bug out because a mob evaded, or something happened with some random npc that is now attached to the boss/chest. IMHO it should be changed back. ASAP!


To the Dev's:

Do you plan on replacing the Black Hole comms that we have missed out on? Do you plan on replacing the crafting mats? Do you have a eta on when this will be fixed.



Corellian Run

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Greetings everyone!


We wanted to refer you to the following information located in our Known In-Game Issue stickied thread from Live Community Coordinator, Amber Green:


Hello everyone! We appreciate you joining us to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and we hope you enjoy the game. As MMORPGs are large and complex projects, inevitably we do discover issues that may affect gameplay. We're working constantly to fix anything that will affect the player experience, but for now this is our current list of high priority in-game known issues.


UPDATED: May 31st, 2012


Flashpoints and Operations

  • The Bonus Commendation Chest rewarded for defeating Firebrand and Stormcaller in Explosive Conflict cannot be looted.


We appreciate your patience and thank you for the reports!

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