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New Warzone, Choke point for Hoth


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Greetings to the whole community of Star Wars the Old republic!



I've put alot of hours and time into this concept, I've done hand drawn schematics of how this could play out,

how it would look like and most importantly does this feel like star wars? I sure hope it does. Since release of the game, I've always sought to those space battles and those on the planets witch from the movies, the older ones. Inspired me to so much great things in life, I'm a huge star wars fan and for me Empire strikes back will always be the biggest gem in my heart, You will see the inspiration I got from that movie in this project I've been making.

I can watch a Npc fire fight in the game and think to myself, "wow thats kewl, wish there where more of those" And yes it totally should right, this is something I think would make this Warzone something Unique and fun!

I hope you take this seriously and that you can imagine the time I've put into this.



The story about the Warzone.


Choke point for Hoth.


The prototypes and war machines on Hoth have been one of the highest priorities for both the Empire and the Republic, Intel from a Chiss Imperial Cipher shows that in a lost and forgotten canyon on Hoth an ancient prototype war ship controlled by the Republic have extremely valuable intel on board the ship. This transmission intercepted by the Republic's Havoc Squad have put the Republic's war efforts into a full frontal assault to reclaim the Intel before the Empire.


This Imagine is an imagine of how the Warzone would look like, Map overhead view.



  • White = Power Shields
  • Yellow = Thermal detonation charge
  • Square = AT-TE


The objectives and how it plays out.


The primary objective on this Warzone is to destroy either sides Power Shields to recover the Intel, there will be 3 ways to accomplish this. There is one round, and this Warzone will have the use of Huttball mechanics. I've thought about this immensly so there could not be a possible outcome where there will be a tie, or a dead run witch nothing would happen. If all npc's are dead and there are no more Thermal Charges the side with most % damage on the Power Shields wins.


  • Primary damage will be your Walker AT-TE.
  • Secondary damage will be Thermal detonation charge.
  • Last Resort damage will be player and Npc based damage.


About the Walker AT-TE


  • One player veichle.
  • Both sides have the same kind of Walker, AT-TE.
  • Like space Missions these are on rails, witch repeats.
  • Walkers have Health with a damage reduction from Players.
  • If a Walker is destroyed the player inside is killed and will respawn at base like normal.
  • Walkers take extra damage from Walkers.
  • Player inside the Walker controll a Turret to blast the enemie team.
  • Walkers are slow sluggish and move with a reduced movespeed.
  • Walkers have AoE damage against Npc targets.
  • Walkers have 2 Abilities, xxx Damage shield for the Walker and Health buff for the Ops on the same team.
  • The Walker is immune to CC.


About the Thermal detonation charge.


  • The Thermal charge is the strongest weapon against the Power Shields.
  • The Thermal charge can only be spawned 3 times during the battle, Announcer will say when.
  • The Thermal charge follows the rules of the Ball in Huttball.
  • If a player misses a pass with the Thermal charge,
    It will detonate dealing damage to Everything in a very large area.
  • The Thermal charge will glow and be overhead as in Huttball so you can easily see who have it and where.
  • The Thermal charge will be marked as Carried in the upper right team display just as in Huttball.
  • There is no Timer for Thermal charge while carried.
  • Npc's nor the Walker player can carry the Thermal charge.
  • You can pick the Thermal charge in the middle of the field.


About the Power Shields.


  • The Power Shields will have a % Health.
  • The Power Shields will take reduced damage from Players.
  • The Power Shields will have a Yellow/Purple thick Line on the ground around it,
  • serving as Thermal charge drop zone.
  • The Walker's will go past the Power Shields once each time.
  • Npc's will assault the Power Shields when there are no Npc's on the opposing team.
  • The Power Shields will have an Republic/Empire Emblem above them.


About the Npc's


  • The Npc's will be a set number at the start of the game for both sides.
  • The Npc's will engange the opposing teams Npc's with Priority over Players.
  • Npc's can be healed by Players.
  • Npc's can be Buffed and Guarded.
  • Npc's will always take the same route in the field each game.
  • The Npc's are all non Force users, using Blasters and Assault Cannons.
  • The Npc's will assault the Power Shields with Priority over Players, when there are no more Npc's on the opposing side.
  • Npc's are Immune to CC but not Slows.


Why would you wan't to play this Warzone?


I do really hope you feel like my Ideas are something I can expand upon and that this Suggestion is something yourself can imagine as something you would actually concider playing. Star Wars for me is something Large, something that expands and gives you the feeling that you are apart of something bigger then yourself, Thats what I wanna see when I engage in ferocious combat in this lovely sci-fi genre, There should be blaster bolts flying everywhere, big steaming machines crushing and breaking the ground beneath them and people with Lightsabers making thier last stand of what they bealive and thier ideals. Thats what Star Wars is for me, however I don't think the last three Warzones captured that feeling, I remember first seeing the cinematic for the newest Warzone and thinking Oh my god yes this is it, but ending up pretty dissapointed when I noticed it was pretty much a better version of our first one Aldeeran. I do hope there are more people like me out there who are just simply In love with Walkers and Blasters <3 Give me atleast one star thumbs up for that.


A huge thanks to everyone that have took the time to read my suggestion and I would be so happy if you take another second to make a comment, I really want to know what you think of this and what I should and could Improve. A huge thanks, Taoretas.

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