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customisation kits,


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companions have customisation kits, our toons would benefit from them too, i see people are a bit put out with the choices of armor available, we prety much all look the same, i know that we are all the same, but sometimes its nice to feel special :)

i think customisation kits would allow us to look the way we wanted to, without having to add masses of extra armor, i wanted to look as old as death itself, but i found on character creation the best i could achieve was a 30 something man with a white beard, i know santa must have been 30 once.

these could be sold from a vendor, questable, title bound, or vary rare random drops, or all 4, maybe even craftable from our respective armor makers, with synth guys making the cloth kits, cyber making the khem body armor kits for example,

im still loving the game, and shall do untill the lights go out, i hope swtor continue to build of the game, that we help mould this game into a diverse and creative experience but above all, that swtor dont ever get lazy and stop listening, we also need to be realistic in what were asking for, it would be nice to see all our suggestions, and most of us probably never will, but lets not stop pushing for them, and supporting eachothers ideas, :)

treyfell,,dark and proud,, frostclaw

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