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Liven up Companion Space on Ships...


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This is purely for visual perception... I would like to see each companion display the highest Grade (Green, Blue, Purple) of each Rank 1-5 of the companion gifts I've given them in thier personal space on my ship.


I.E. There would be an Ammo Belt and Padded Weapon Case displayed somewhere in the weapons locker of my BT-7 where Aric stands.


Bowdarr would have Gemstones and Trophies around him in the gally of my freighter.


Just a couple of examples. I realize this means the bridge of the Knights ship may get a little cluttered with Kira standing up there, but they could add a shelving unit behind her where she would display gifts.. This my be a little large, considering she accepts almost any kind of gift.


What do you, the players of SWTOR think of this idea?


6/11/12 Update: 40 views and no responses... Not sure how to take that. Do you like the idea? Hate the idea? Realy just don't care abou tthe idea?

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