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favorite paid legacy unlock?


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They're all money sinks, except for the racial unlocks (the 100 presence bonus for a lvl 50 human is incredible)


Personally I'm looking forward more to the experience boosts and making it easier to gain affection and etc etc

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There is not a single one worth pay for. Really, if you have to gain legacy levels to unlock it to begin with, there should be no credits involved. Zero. None.


By this logic, pretty much nothing in the game should cost credits. You have to level up to unlock skills. They should be free. You have to level up to use speeders. They should be free. You have to level up to equip pretty much every time other than the ones you start with. They should be free.

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None of the above. Not one is worth the price in my opinion.


Legacy level is meaningless. It feel that the prices should scale as your legacy level increases since the utility offered by the unlocks is negligible. Prices should decrease as your legacy level increases. Then and only then would they be worth buying to me.

spot on.


I am nearing my 8th lvl 50 and get little to no value out of most of the unlocks at this point.


The repair droid is the only one I would consider so I could fill in crew skill gaps with the droid crew skill bonus items.



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The repair droid was a horribly waste of credits.


Its my droid yet it charges me to repair, the write up made it sound like it would repair your gear not offer you what every vendor in the game does. Many of whom are located in a space port that I have to travel through to get to my ship. As for the mods there is only a very limited selection available which can easily be offset by affection from your companions. And while it is possible to gift up the droid and then have the mod its very costly and probably can be reproduced better by an existing companion.


Unity maybe the one thing worth buying for the price. But on the whole they are all overly expensive and pretty useless. Given how excited the devs were over it there isn't much to it.


Sort of like that real expensive Mammoth and Jeeves. All that effort and cost and they are yours, but still charge full price like the vendors that they are. :(


Not sure which, if any, I would buy. The Human one sounds nice though. And the droid. :)

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I have quite a few legacy unlocks now.


o rocket boots lvl 2 - this rocks - next unlock i buy will be lvl 3

o ship droid - i seldom if any sell or repair with it. I bought two sensors for toons which did not have crits for various crewskills.


As far as free unlocks

o all pvp things - used it the first day to punch out some elites which was fun. Still no one to "pvp" with them though.

o companion dance - I lol when I remember seeing a picture of someone doing this with a caption "forever alone lvl 50 bh"

o Light/Dark side buffs - never used them. Don't have room for them on my quickbars

o consular/inq/bh/IA/sw social moves - I did them once. I can never remember how to spell them. If we had macros I might chain cast them for fun sometimes.

o All four legacy heroic move special attacks - I use these a lot but they don't seem to hit very hard. To be honest I sometimes wonder if my dps is not going down when I use them. Basically I do them when I am out of resources and want some filler while I recover. Takes up a bunch of quickslots as well. I wish they could be macro'd.


Things which I don't understand, who would ever think a one minute or 1 hour decrease in travel abilities is worthwhile?

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