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Losing Focus Target During Flash Points


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Good Morning ToR Community,

I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if so, hoping we can get a Dev to take a look at it. Since my server population is horrid and looking for a group for anything is like pulling-teeth with a Mac truck... I tend to level myself up above the requirements for a flashpoint and end up soloing it with my companion (At the moment Sith Sorc with Tanking pet). What I'm noticing more and more frequently is every time I 'zone' inside or outside a flash point my focus target is always reset. Since I'm a healer by default, my focus target is set to the ugly beast bent to my will and I will spam static shields and heals by holding down the Focus key. Easy enough right? Well it is! Until I hit an elevator, or a door, or something that signifies leaving the current area. When I go into the next area it's as if everything's 'refreshed', full-health, no debuffs... and no Focus target.

On the flip-side, when I enter a warfront I find the angriest looking Juggernaut or Bountyhunter and set them as my focus... ensuring their survivability through any barrage of torment and suffering. 30 seconds later someone figures it out and slams me through a wall popping me back to the spawn area for another round. When I look in the corner of my UI, Mr. Bountyhunter or Mrs. Juggernaut is still standing so I'm not losing them as my target.


It's not like it will kill me to re-set my focus target in Flashpoints everytime I zone, I'm just wondering if there's a glitch somewhere (IE: Companion loads after the level does, no target when the zone loads so focus resets, etc.) or even if anyone else has any input on this. I've only tried companion focuses in Flashpoints and player focuses in Warfronts, with that in mind I haven't tested the other end of the spectum which is players in flashpoints (then I would know if it's the location or the target). Anyone have any info on this? Thanks!!



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