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The server population problem is getting ridiculous + a suggestion for war zones


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The above link is my previous thread, but it can't be said enough. Servers are taking a dive in players and how can we possibly have a community when there are no players? I have a screenshot and If I could post it I would. The screenshot itself is fairly irrelevant but what it illustrates is the Black Vulkars Imperial Fleet at 6pm PDT on a Thursday evening with a fleet population of 13 people, 7 of which were level 50.


As I'm writing this, I've been sitting in wz queue for about 30 minutes now. In the last 2 1/2 hours I've gotten 3 wzs and all of them were losses due to the fact that on my server the Republic players already have access to 8 man queueing. It's not official 8 man queueing, it's just that there's pretty much only 8-10 Republic players that wz on my server. So now there are no wz queues, mainly becuase the Imperial players that are queueing have no desire to keep losing to players that actually have teamwork.


Here's some suggestions for warzones in the meantime:

1) Let us start a war zone with 8 players. I'm pretty sure nobody will mind if it's a 4 on 4 so long as we get to play.


2) Do away with the deserter debuff because I'm also fairly sure that people that go into a war zone don't intend on leaving, somewhat like a starving man not refusing a meal of any sort. Even if they DO intend on not playing, they just find somewhere to AFK safely until the war zone is complete. This debuff is also a pain in the rear for the bug that "rarely" happens that makes you dead but alive in the respawn area and unable to move, thus leaving you only able to pray that the game finishes before the deserter timer runs out.


3) Turn the deserter debuff into a waiting room type of thing. Let's say we DO get to start a war zone 4 on 4 and a 9th player queues in, allow that player to join in but not participate until a 10th player is found. It doesn't have to work exactly in those numbers, but something along those lines. The waiting room debuff would be more for something along the lines of: A 4 on 4 has already start, but a group of 2 players has queued in, it wouldn't be fair for the 2 players to make it a 4 on 6, so they sit in the waiting room until another player is found so it can at least be a 5 on 6. Anyone having to wait in the waiting room will still receive credit towards their war zone quests, even if they didn't get to participate.


4) Change the way war zone shutdown works AND/OR change the way teams are shuffled. it doesn't seem right to be on a team where we have 6-7 and the war zone shuts down because the other team doesn't have enough and my team takes the loss (or even the win for that matter).

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