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(My attempt at the) Thursday Morning Wrath!


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This is the link to the previous Thursday Morning Wrath thread, an amazing work of art by Doozzer. Here is my attempt to recreate the amazing work. (Servant 1 and 2 are back, along with everyone's favorite, META TEXT!


Servant 1: So I heard some guy is trying his hand at making something as good as the Wrath

Servant 2: I always new you were gay but...

Servant 1: !!!!!! You new what I meant!

Servant 2: actually I didn`t

Servant 1: More shall soon follow!

Servant 2: I thought I was the cryptic one :rak_02:

Servant 1: Ya, but back then we all thought YOU were gay

Servant 2: Good point

Servant 1: More shall follow!

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Servant 1: The new guys here.

Servant 2: What does he look like?

Servant 1: Big, buff Chiss bounty hunter. Got a Mando, Houk, cyber-chick, and a ... devil?

Servant 2: Devaronian I think.

Servant 6: Hey boys!

Servant 1: (Mumbles) Oh great! Servant 1`s GF!

Servant 6: This the new guy and his gang? OMGBBQLOLZOMG HOW`D YOU GUYS MISS THE JAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jawa_cool:

Servant 2: Um.... he is only a few feet tall

Servant 6: Well, I g2g but TTYL!!!!



Servant 1: Is he going to do anything?

Servant 2: I miss Wrath.

(The sound of a JetPack starts and a giant hole is shattered in the 4th wall)

(The bounty hunter strides in, picks both servants up by their necks and bashes their heads together)

?????: Is there a problem, creepers?

Servant 1: (Gasping for breath) N..N..No sir.

?????: Good

(the unknown Bounty Hunter drops the two servants and surprisingly shakes their hands)

?????: Glad to hear it. I'm Wonkadude, the one taking over from Wrath. Level 50, Darkside 3, muscular drinking womanizer. But just Wonk for short.

I'm Gonna try to get Mako in bed with me tonight, want to watch?

(at the same time)

Servant 1:Sure!

Servant 2: NO!!!!!

(Wonk pulls servant 2 over)

Whats his problem?


That explains it.

I guess ill see you guys around then. Oh and by the way ill get Blizz to fix the hole.



The Next Morning


Wonkadude: That didnt go to bad, eh Torian?

You broke a ribs, fractured your jaw, got a hangover and slept with Blizz and Skadge the whole night. THAT bad enough?

When you put it like that, it was pretty bad.


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If you respect the Dooz as much as you say, you'll leave Thursday Morning Wrath alone. D;


I agree. Besides, I highly doubt you asked Dooz himself if it were okay to use his ideas. That's not right. Crack!fic is fine. Even script style (which Dooz kind of did) is fine. Copying/pasting his original premise isn't.

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