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The thing that gets me is how the dev tracker has blown up with posts. But not a single one realy amounts to a hill of beans. As they dont tell us a dam thing.


Theres no info on merges/transfers. Theres no info on what pre reqs there is for them. Or any sort of time frame.


Thier policy says they cant discuss things in development. My policy says i cant blindly shell out cash for a maybe or a soon . They realy want to quell some of the negativity this game is getting?


Then get the hell off thier high horse and start telling us what and WHEN to exspect the changes that is so desperatly needed to keep this game viable is coming.


Im so sick of half answers and bull crap comments about junk that realy dosnt matter. The game could be great if they would just realize people arnt going to continue to hold on ,When they wont even give us some kind of information to hold on to.


Im neither fan boy nor hater what i am is fed up with the BS on both fronts. Its a never ending cycle of either the game is failing or no its great. But fact is its neither .


Its not going to shut down but its not going to be near what it could be simply because they wont give us the info we need to keep our hopes up. They have did alot of great things with the game and its a dam shame that its falling apart due to a lack of effort on the devs giving information.


Many many people would be alot more willing to keep faith if they had more reasons than soon and we know ,

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This post will probably be closed but, well said good sir!


It's a corporate tactic really. They like to give the "illusion" that things are happening when in actuality, they are not.


Just like that pic in the Dev blog today of all the players dancing and having a good time in the cantina. Pretty sure that has never happened in this game and it gives the wrong impression.

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