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My SWToR Conundrum


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Let me lay this out simply. Every server I have a character on is practically dead, or at least a shadow of its former self. I have yet to get to level 50 because of this. Its really hard to engage yourself in an MMO with a lack of community. I know that server transfers are coming "soon" but I don't feel like this wil solve the problem. This is actually my bigger problem.


Right now, Fatman is the server where everyone seems to be playing. I would have absolutely no problem rolling a character on that server and starting a new legacy. BUT, how do I know that this server will not be obliterated by server transfers? Why am I going to start over yet again, to find out that in a month or so I will be back in a ghost town? It really is a shame because I enjoy the heck out of this game for what it is, but theres no way I'm going to devote as much time in it as I'd want when we have no idea what the future beholds.


Basically, I'm just wondering why this is taking so long to sort out. This game has been out for over 5 months now and for the amount of time it has taken to address the issue, I can see why people have started leaving. In my opinion, they need to merge the servers. A server transfer which allows to leave servers as they please will only make the imbalance more drastic.

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Hi flanz,


Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts in regards to character transfers and merging servers. We currently have thread focused on these topics of discussion. To help us keep the forums organized, please join the following threads to leave us your thoughts.


Most servers are dead - we need transfers now, not in early summer

When will there be a SERVER MERGE?

Daniel Erickson reveals plan to merge into super-servers!

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