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What are the best skills for each class?


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I have read so many post and threads about this and for the most part because I can't make up my mind so I went with this info. Jedi Knight- Artifice, treasure hunting, archaeology

Consular- synthweaving, archaeology, underworld trade

Trooper- armormech, underworld trade, scavenge

Smuggler- armstech,scavenge, investigation

Inquisitor- archaelogy, scavenging, underworld trade

Warrior- Biochem, bianalysis, diplomacy

Agent- Slicing, treasure hunting, diplomacy

Bounty hunter- cybertech, scavenging, slicing

If you guy's have better info please let me know, I have a lvl 50 sentinel and the whole time I was wishing was I wish I had some new armor, making lightsaber stuff was ok but I was sick of dieing so much. Any help would be great:)

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