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Just making sure Im correct...


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Group finder means you can just queue up for some flashpoint and then do it with the people your queued with kinda like warzones? Or is it very similar to the LFG system?


Yes, you'll be able to queue up for planetary contents (i.e. heroics), flashpoints, hm flashpoints t1 and operations. Also, you'll be able to select your role among damage, heal and tank. After everyone will push that ready check button, you'll only have to transport to the instance from anywhere in the game.

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Thank god - they definitely need to make more use of that instant transport stuff - there are just not enough time-saving teleport features in this game.


The group finder actually looks surprisingly good - nice to see so much control over the different options. I'm still skeptical of the lack of cross-server functionality, though.


They tried to spin it as being better for community or whatever, but even they admitted a lot of the decision was about not putting in the programming time.

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no they said that server transfers were a better implemented first step. as cross server lfg means you play with randoms , not people youll run across in a single server, forming connections, and community.

"but mah servarz ded!!.11" yes which is why server transfers is coming, it will make more sense once it comes out, but its like this, you move the people onto servers to promote the mmo part of the game better. close off dead servers after. then once you got 250 people on a server at any given time 24/7 a same server lfg tool is the way to go.


50 people on server A ans B and C and D and E and a cross server tool.......dosent help the server of 50 to go anywhere or do other things in groups or have a very good economy. but servers with 500 players has a much better economy, and a more robust community.


server mergers? no, that dosent solve the issues either. it just puts two servers together, which dosent mean much when server F has 24 people and server G has 42. larger server caps and same server LFG is the best logical way to coalesce the population while retaining community and economy.


the PROBLEM is that bioware isnt moving fast enough for a few people (me included) and with 1.3 not even hitting the test server "for a few weeks yet..." not even close to showing a urgency or a care that a lot of people are simply not interested anymore. i agree with a lot of people more content in a timely manner this is not.

for a non new content patch heavy on quality of life features and a non communicative developer, yes they are you can babble on about your pod casts and dev q&a all you want they all say the same double speak no hard data or timelines. not even a month or part of a month.


so eventually sometime down the road, when bioware gets closer to the 500k population mark it desires so they can stream line the maintenance and still be profitable then they will move faster to retain that base half million subs. thats the bottom line until they approach that 500k mark which is what they need to remain in the black.....

expect the same ho hum, "soon, sometime in the future, when we get to that point on the whiteboard, its a possibility, thats a great idea we will look at it, we cannot give a set time as we are still testing it, blah blah blah yada yada yada, insert double talk waffle comment here"


its sad, it sucks, and i dont enjoy it or think tis what we the paying players deserve, but thats business, as long as they are rolling in cash, they dont have to move fast, a hundred subs here drop? no sweat, a thousand people this week? pshhh drop in the 1.2 million bucket.


big picture folks, get the noses out of the forums and realize, bioware loves its creation, bioware wants to do everything we ask, but tech and time and code restraints or what most people call reality means we gotta wait until its ready. one thing we dont have to do though is pay to beta test this game anymore or pay to wait for weeks and weeks so we can finally move to a larger server. im not going to renew. no reason. maybe next year...wait summer and fall AAA releases...yeah bioware missed the launch window for this next patch. it is all going to come too late for me and a lot of people, but it wont matter as they can lose 250k players tomorrow and still not come close to the 500k they need to stay in the black.

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