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How to get Light Saber White Crystal?


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They are not available at the moment, but they probably will be added in an update coming soon*


*Soon being a timeframe somewhere between Summer and the heat death of the Universe... Bioware have said that they want to add them in, but have not given any timeframe.

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Greetings Earthtoearl!


We wanted to provide a bit more information regarding the questions from the thread author.


Located in the Developer Tracker in regards to the white crystal removal in Game Update 1.2 by Principal Lead Combat Designer, Georg Zoeller:




I know the team wants to save some of the discoveries for suprises but what about the imfamous white crystals? Are they much easier to get/harder? I have the idea of creating a Miraluka Sith Inquistor with white gear and white saber or maybe one for my main.


I would create an Inquisitor now and buy the crystal but I want the Miraluka and that requires 1.2 to do it. What will happen with the white crystals after the vendor is gone?

Answered this before, but here we go:


In 1.2 there is no way of getting a white crystal.


We will probably introduce some way to obtain the crystal through gameplay at some point in the future (definitely not in 1.2, likely not in 1.3), but whatever that ends up being, it will not be as easy as walking up to that vendor.


We hope this helps! :jawa_smile:

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