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I think I'm leaving, wishing for more user-generated content, less WoW mechanics.


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I used to say that what WoW was missing was any sense of my impact upon the world. I played it for years anyway, mostly as a social connection, until the day I quit cold turkey.


In many ways, SWTOR got some of that right, with a significant amount of phased content, companion relationships that really make sense and change as you progress, and orange custom gear. Good on you!


That said, I recently hit a wall where I just don't want to log in. We've started raiding, and that's about the same as the WoW raiding experience. An iteration, not a revolution. I thought picking a sniper would give me something different with the cover mechanic, but I largely feel like the moonkin I was in WoW. My bad on choosing a character designed to sit still, maybe.


I saw this link today on the housing in EQ II vs Aion and man, I got so jealous. I don't even want to play those games, but I want THAT customization. I can't even invite my guild onto my ship so we can travel together! Penny Arcade made a recent comic that really resonated with me - SWTOR just isn't different enough, mechanics-wise, to hold my attention.


The advanced class idea was great, but the trees are stolen right out of WoW, with no structural difference at all. The issues with types of damage have been raging for years. Pre-beta, I thought combat was going to be at least a little like Tera - that you could actually physically dodge missiles and such, action style. Instead, I have the same ol button bars.


Anyway I'm just some guy, doesn't mean much, except that I was a champion of SWTOR since we first started hearing about it. I played as much of the beta as I could, I created a reasonably active guild and convinced many of my friends to start playing... and I'm bored. I maxed my professions without really understanding how REing works, I tried the GTN until discovering it was awful and largely led me to wasting my money and time. I finished my favorite companion quests, which I loved just as much as the operative quests (yay, best part of the game!). I loved the rakghoul thing (except for the whole "why does everything have to have zombies in it?" thing), but it's gone and nothing took its place.


I hit a wall where everything I have left to do in the game largely reminds me of this other game I stopped playing when I stopped having fun with it. So I don't know if that's useful to the developers or not - I almost feel bad for not enjoying it as much as I should, but it's been two weeks since I wanted to log in. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hand guild leadership off to one of my officers shortly.


Good luck, I honestly hope the best for you all and the game.


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Regardless, WoW sucks big time!


While this game has ways to go, at least it's not like that watered-down other game. I also played it and also left behind high-geared alts but there' s no way in hell I would go back, ever.


If I stopped playing this game and at times I feel like it, I still won't go back to that other game. I rather not play anything.

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