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Parser that Recognizes Consumption


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Hey fellow Sorcerers, I've been playing around with some of the web-based combat log parsers after we finally downed Toth and Zorn hardmode last night. They seem to work pretty well, but so far none of them that I've used have taken consumption into account (looking at the logs they report, it seems like it says I "spend" some amount of health, instead of being "hit" by consumption, so it doesn't get counted). Is there any parser out there that does take consumption into consideration?
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Hmm, not sure why they don't. Here's the applicable combat log lines for consumption:


[11:44:13.406] [@Korah] [@Korah] [Consumption {808214060859392}] [Event {836045448945472}: AbilityActivate {836045448945479}] ()
[11:44:13.406] [@Korah] [@Korah] [] [spend {836045448945473}: health point {836045448938504}] (2455)
[11:44:13.408] [@Korah] [@Korah] [Consumption {808214060859392}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Consumption {808214060859392}] ()
[11:44:13.734] [@Korah] [@Korah] [] [Restore {836045448945476}: Force {836045448938502}] (8)
[11:44:23.413] [@Korah] [@Korah] [Consumption {808214060859392}] [RemoveEffect {836045448945478}: Consumption {808214060859392}] ()


Even if you're using the Force Surge version (which simply eliminates the ApplyEffect and RemoveEffect lines), the AbilityActivate line clearly annotates that you're using Consumption. However, the HP loss is clearly notated as a HP spend event, rather than a "hit" of damage taken, so I'm not surprised that parsers are missing it, as they would have to read 3 orders lines, which may not be consecutive, in order to verify it was Consumption and determine how much Force was restored. It also seems to be mis-indicating how much Force was restored (it has a listed value of 8, when it should be 48 in my current spec). Then again, it's possible I only had that much Force to restore, as I'd only yet cast Affliction to enter combat.

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