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Daily suggestion - Class/Planet quest line


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The strong point of this game is the story driven leveling, it’s a shame that you only get to see once your class quest, unless you decide to level another base class. I would suggest to make the class quest available a repeatable daily chain, that you can choose from all 13 planets you went through leveling. Each planet has

- Class quest line

- Planet Quest line

- Some has Bonus quest line.

- and side quest, some solo, some H2 or H4.



For this idea to work, there need to be a daily cap implemented for daily commendation. For instance, the daily cap could be around 30 commendations.




Here’s how I see the feature. You have a terminal on your ship (like a holo deck fo star trek fan). Upon activating the terminal, you have an interface, letting you choose a planet, that will give you a meta-quest (the objective are completion of several quest, like the bonus)

The meta consist in class and/or planet and bonus quest for the selected planet (about 15-20 quest)

Completing the meta quest should award you 100% of the daily commendation. All quest should be doable solo, but you could join as a group (like normal questing)


The meta quest also give you an item. Upon using this item

- Your level is reduced to mid range level for said planet (22 for nar shaddaa, 26 tatooine, 30 alderaan...)

- Your stats are scale down to that level (much like in warzone 10-49)

- Only when you have the buff can you loot quest item, talk to quest NPC, enters story area…

- you should be able to cancel and reactivate the buff at will




The only problem i see would be the insane travelling time associated with the class/planet quest line. The solution: each quest should give you a one-time use item that teleport you near where the next quest area.


The voice acting, the storyline, the npc, the layout, the story zone, everything exist already. And it would be such a nice change of pace that running belsavis/ilum/correlia daily day after day.


This also could be a way to farm dark/light side point.


Low level quest reward should be replace by daily commendation


Although the daily commendation would be cap per day, you could still run the belsavis/ilum/correlia for credit or mods.


Once a planet meta quest has been completed, you cannot choose it again for 7 days. This is impose diversity and make sure that player don’t identify “easy” quest line to be farm every day.

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