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[Spoilers] you get...nothing ????


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Hi Guys


Finally reached end game, Lvl50 and beat Barras Yesterday. Then I was a bit "somehow" disappointed , not by the story line or the game but by the loot of the end game.


I was expecting to get some gears or at least anything as a "reward" but I did not get anything at all. Got my Chapter 3 Sith Warrior unlocked, dailies, Ilium, Voss bonus series, all this is good, but is it me or did I miss anything ?


I was hoping to get those Biometric Cristal Alloy to at least being able to craft the rat aka gear but nothing at all. Seems you got them only from operations HM and vendors commendations...


For beating Darth Barras , there is no loot at all ? No gears ?


Thanks for answer.

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shah true, pants are always critical to have.


Agreed on Darth Title, it rocks. !


Guess was expecting kind of loot end game RPG game where you are flooded with rare items.


Well, back to work now.

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And some pants.


yeah...the above. you may want to check the upper left side of your window to see if you have anything "pending." as a reward you get a moddable set of legs with (iirc) defensive mods in them. not the coolest thing in the world, but they aren't half bad looking, and if you spent the entire run up to this point as DPS, its a good start for your tank set.


but if you didn't get that...and you don't have any pending, I'd submit a ticket.

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I got that but did not take it i think. I had a better crafted purple greaves so decided to go for commendation (unless it was in any case given).


I was really hoping I could start to craft those rataka items...welll:=(

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Hello there!


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