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Oke's first video - Rate my gameplay and help me improve!


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Hello everyone!


Are you up for a pure gameplay video, without any fancy music, cut by someone who never touched a movie editor before? Would you like to see the most boring video ever? And most importantly are you up to help a fellow shadow improve his gameplay?


When you can at least answer the last question with yes, I would be very, very grateful, if you could take you the time and help me evaluate my gameplay. I always strive to better it, but I haven't yet found someone that helped me with active feedback ingame, so I figured I ask you for help.




This video is from a Novare match and shows some fighting while defending the cannons. I yesterday changed my UI, and still try to get used to it. So, if I look like a drowned rat, standing motionless in a mass of enemies, or run into walls, that's because I spend too much time finding the right abilities and their CD-timer (I normally don't do that I'm pretty sure about that :p).


The first thing I saw while watching the video was, is that there were situations where I should have used my taunts but didn't. That will be something I'll have to improve on. See anything else? Bad CD usage, even worse situational positioning? Bad video editing-skill? Please let me know!


Thank you very much!


P.S.: I hope my editing skills aren't better than my gameplay :p

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Okay, saw the video finally.

Found the topic interesting so I decided to nibble on it.


You seem to be doing your role as a pest, which is good.

You're also not backpedaling or keyboarding turning, great.


However, and I've seen this with even good players,

you need to utilize your environment more. Such as abusing

LoS. Yes, abuse it. You have no reason not too.


Bait your enemies and confuse them around pillars, trees, buildings etc.

Don't chase, let them come after you. I saw you kind of Rambo'ing in there.


Other than that, there's not much to say *gameplay* wise because the

video is so short! :p. You are doing fine, keep it up!


On an editor's note, the video's resolution was too small.

May I ask what program you're using to edit?

Also, badicam's kind of meh. I would recommend FRAPS as an alternative.

I can get really heavily into this and talk about transitions, blah blah! :)

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not bad


good points: ur not a clicker or a backpeddler like other vids ive seen. so thats a big +1. u played the objectives well.


improvement areas: i know u said this already but ya get used to using ur taunts when u can. free protection and it adds up. sometimes ur positioning was a little bad. instead of pulling targets to u and ur team, u sorta of jumped into the fray and got focused. thats not a terrible strat if u have a healer / good team but i didnt get that sense watching the vid. i could be wrong though


otherwise i think u did decently. im still learning the shadow class myself so i may not be the best guy to give advice but i think u did well. keep it up. love to see more vids

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Thanks for the comment :).


I think the time I ran into the crowd was at the start of the match where I wanted to get my debuffs into the enemy team as quickly as possible to take some pressure of mine. But now where you said it, I think I have the slight habit of running into crowds of reds some times, definately something I'll look after.


I must say I'm a bit afraid of Xin's posting there..

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