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Combat Parsing and Cloaking


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Hey Forum!


Quick question, I started parsing my operations lately to check my DPS and give me more information to work with when modifying specs/gear but noticed an annoyance. Unless I am crazy, our vanish ends combat logs prematurely for an attempt since it takes us out of combat.


Is there any way to compensate for this outside of adding the numbering together from both attempts? I mainly have been using AskMrRobot.



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If you use ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) you can set the minimum out-of-combat time before the parser creates a new encounter. Unfortunately ACT does not allow you to connect to other raid members, so you will not be able to see raid DPS and they will not be able to see yours.


Pretty sure you can still upload to MrRobot with ACT though.



If you use ACT, make sure to download both the program itself as well as the SWTOR plugin.

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Thanks for the tip I'll check it out!


Otherwise, you can take the stats from the two and combine them.



(TotalDamage[1] + TotalDamage[2]) / (TotalTime[1] + TotalTime[2])


The only thing this doesn't take into account is the time you are out of combat. If you want to factor that in for your dps, the formula would look like:


(TotalDamage[1] + TotalDamage[2]) / (EndTime[2] - StartTime[1])

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The problem is that most parsers look for the numeric tag that marks the end of combat event... And that is sent by the server each time we use Force Cloak.


At least on ACT it's just cosmetic after you merge the different sections of the same combat (No event is lost and the Average DPS is calculated properly... Or put in other words there are no meassurement window effects, as other parsers typically show).


Activate "show checkboxes" option at the bottom left and check the sections of the same fight between FC uses (It's easy to distinguish) then select "Merge Checked" and on the, previously empty, top encounter label called "merges" you will get all your combined fights (In brackets you have the number of sections you merged... Usefull to check if the ammount you merged is correct). You will not be able to inspect them unless you deactivate "show checkboxes"... So merge all the fights you want and then deactivate "show checkboxes" so you can inspect the merged combats as you would do with regular ones (Remember to "uncheck" previously merged fight sections because ACT doesn't do it by default each time you generate a merge).


ATM I'm modifying the basic SWTOR plugin with some extra options the original Dev didn't add... I will check if I can make something with FC "auto split" and try to contact the original Dev to see if he can include it (No promises... This kind of things require a decent options dialog for the plugin... Something I have been avoiding like the plague so far ;)).

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