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Explosive Conflict,Kephess, omg we had fun!!

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Like many others I have been having a hard time logging into SWTOR. The lack of people and being bored just isn't making the game fun for myself.


Normally our guild raids on Tues/Wed nights for 2-3 hours, pretty casual.

Tuesday night raid we didn't have enough well geared/skilled people to go into Explosive Conflict so we just ran EV/KP to gear up some folks and get the speeder quest done.


Wednesday night, again not enough people till 1 hour after raid start and then we went into Explosive Conflict. Got to the trash before the last boss and called it. Hopefully to go back and try on Friday or Saturday night.


Tonight we got enought people to log in and proceded to go for Warlord Kephess. On our 3rd try we downed Warlord Kephess and we all had a BLAST! I love this fight! I love the mechanics and I WISH there where more fights like this! I haven't had this much fun in this game probably since the week of release! But I wasn't having this much fun just because of Kephess, it's also because I am in a guild with a lot of cool people! :)


I just wanted to post this to let BioWare know that Warlord Kephess is a good fight and that our guild had a blast!! And we hope that we see more like this in the near future! And can't wait to see what happends with the ...

Dread Masters!



And with how things have been IE: the loss of subs, the negativity and the complaints (Which I also understand and agree with). I felt it was necessary to put up a post like this and share a "good/fun" moment!


I know I will be flamed/trolled or whatever. But if you have had a "fun" moment like this, please feel free to post about it! :)

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Well you are directly talking about having fun in EC. Plus, believe me it would take the hand of god to wipe the negativity off these forums XD


But yeah I agree with you, its a really fun fight, apart from the last bit with the tank switching. As a tank he usually dies before I get to switch back to him :p I'm sure that'll change in HM though. Best thing about the fight I feel is that its really rewarding to people who listen and follow the mechanics (in story mode).

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The whole Operation is pretty fun in my own opinion.


Compared to facerolling HM EV last night in UNDER an hour with undergeared people (after we finished the whole group was like "WHY DIDNT WE DO NIGHTMARE!?! WE WANT TITLE!!"), Explosive Conflict has very fun fights and interesting story behind it (*i* wont spoil it unlike some people :rolleyes: ). EC is also not a walk in a flower field for people just going into it, which is another thing I like.


I hope the next operations they come out with deliver the same amount of fun and challenge.

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