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What is good PvP?


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Hey folks.


There are 2 issues i want to adress the pvp community.


The first:


Im curios as to what the community consider to be good pvp. Is it when one side smashes the opponent side completly, or is it when two sides have a close call match which ends up with one side barely winning? Whats your opinion? :)


The second:


Everyone agrees that friendly banter is part of pvp to add some competitive sense into the picture. But where is the line drawn? When does banter turn out to be unnecessary smacking causing alot of friction which tears up the interest to pvp? Any thoughts?


Please discuss.

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First: "good pvp" is subjective and will bring a myriad of answers. No way to define which pov is right or wrong.


Second: "everyone" will never agree on one thing. What's friendly to you may not be construed as friendly by another. So again, too subjective to say who is right.

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