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Relax weapon restrictions, please.


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This is not and will not be a Bioware bashing thread, but I will be starting on a slightly negative note, so please bear with me and read the whole post before replying.


Ok here goes. When I first started playing TOR by far my biggest disappointment was the discovery that the classes on either side of the galactic divide were pretty much exact mirrors of each other. My next biggest disappointment was the discovery that all classes are locked into a highly restrictive selection of weapon choices (some more than others of course) especially after the freedom we had in KOTOR 1 and 2 -- sure this is a different beast being an MMO and with everything that means, but it still doesn't mean you have to be as restrictive as you have. I suspect that these two decisions had more to do with the PvP aspect of the game design than anything else, but what I believe or think about that matter is not important. Then the Legacy system is expanded and we get some interesting new unarmed combat powers that we can unlock. Now I know why they were added, I just think that it was somewhat short sighted to make them available just for some niche part of the PvP market, when with a bit more thought they could have been useful to both PvE and PvP'ers.


So, where am I going with all this whining? :) I'd like to see a few more weapon types opened up eg. single bladed lightsaber for the Assassin/Shadow class (or at least let us do what Darth Maul did and turn off one blade -- could even add it as a stance), blaster rifle for the powertech class (I'll understand if you don't want to allow that for the mercenary), etc. I'd also like to see powers and skills have their limitation based more sensibly upon whatever animation is used. So a gun attack should require a gun, a knife attack should require a knife, a dart attack shouldn't require anything if it comes from something attached to your arm, and a heal that relies upon another device or a force power shouldn't require a weapon in the hand. Make skill and power limitations actually make sense. Loosened weapon restrictions combined with the new Legacy unarmed combat powers could actually result in a little more creativity and allow the game to be a little less cookie-cutter in appearance. That brings me to a costume system, but that's another matter altogether and I'm sure it's on your "To do" list anyway.


Actually I have to wonder if you've already started loosening some limitations. I could swear the last time I tried punches with a low level Smuggler I couldn't even heal myself when I didn't have a weapon wielded, and yet with my brand new Agent I'm quite happily running about with no rifle, a knife attack, the thermal grenade attack and a few punch attacks -- and I'm having a ball. :)


Edit: After all that I forgot one of my main points regarding the Legacy punch system, and that is would it be also possible to make it so that you can have a weapon equipped but when you go to use the punch you first sling/put away the weapon before punching. That way the option is there if people _really_ want to use it, but forces them to put up with weapon draw/redraw animation times if they want the best of both worlds (armed and unarmed).

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