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What the game needs more player controlled content


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You do know what the game needs.


They need to add like 4 or 6 planets to the game and these planets are set aside for players to place down houses and build cities. It is something that players can keep busy inbetween missions adn wz etc. But do not stop there BIOWARE.


Have the players be able to set up turrets and walls and have the turrets NPC controlled and have it that each side pvp fights to take control of the planets. When you are on a planet controlled by the othere side have patorls from that faction roam the streets. There can be other bonuses to controlling planets aswell.


Aswell on the planets u can have all sorts of creature mobs randomly spawn so there is no camping of mobs. But you could have certain quests where u need to kill "x" amount of say a creature to get say a stuffed creatures head that you can mount on the wall of your house. Or have a new in game title "BIG GAME HUNTER" or various titles.


It would be alot of fun to have planets that are huge and more player influenced. We are at war so being able to fight for control of planets would rock.

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