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Name Change, Copy & Paste, Server Transfer


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Name Change.


Add this please! Lots of players do a lot with their characters and don't want to have to level a new character all the way up to level 50 again just to change the name. Please please please add a functionality to change the name.

Not just primary name but ESPECIALLY legacy name.


Copy & Paste, Chat


The inability to copy and past is especially a hassle for major guilds and guild leaders. Copy and paste is EXTREMELY useful for recording logs of guild meetings, sharing information or simply copying something you had said in chat. It is also useful for coping blocks of chat for reporting should there be a report issue.

Please add this!


Server Transfer


I realize this one may be tricky as there are legacy issues, but we would really enjoy this whenever it can be done so players can transfer their character and legacy over to other servers where other friends may be gaming.


I would really appreciate the first to before the last one, which I know takes more effort and is harder to do.

Please bump for support!

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No way primary name changes are going to happen. Trolls would have a heyday with it. They'd be able to pester people, then change their name and "disappear".


I can copy & paste just fine. I did it just last night.


Server transfers are coming starting in early summer.


You really should wait at least 24 hours before bumping your own thread.

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