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Need Feedback! (TOR-Talk Fan Site/Podcast)


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Hello friends, it has been quite sometime since the TOR-Talk Community has produced a show, video, editorial content, etc. Real-life has been busy for all of us and our time management skills have been put to the test. We have not forgotten our listener-base, YouTube subscribers, etc. These past few weeks we have been divulging our time working behind-the-the-scenes on improving audio quality for our podcast (once it comes back) and also our new-found affiliation with the great guys from LootJunkie.com! Sly Lasko one of our hosts on the TOR-Talk Podcast has been working alongside Tom, preparing to launch a *NEW* Podcast on MMORPGs from a more broad stand-point. Along with what was just stated, the “Jung Ma” campaign has gone into full-swing; for the past several weeks the TOR-Talk Staff and Tribus Communities have been filming videos, creating rules, and preparing for the next Open-World PvP event that all players on “Jung Ma” will have the chance to participate in.


For three months we have reached out to the “Jung Ma” community, we’ve organized and promoted events alongside players of the Tribus, Reign, Alpha Company, Furious Angels, Remnants of Hope, Angels of Death, and so many other fantastic guilds and players on both sides. If you’re a fan of TOR and you want a truly unique and exciting community experience on the server you play on…look no further then “Jung Ma”. No other servers our facilitating or hosting events as frequently or at the scale the”Jung Ma” Community has. Re-roll…I can’t stress it enough, nor can I explain how immensely confident I am in the success this server has achieved. If you are reluctant to re-roll, then prepare for character transfers. We don’t know when BioWare will open the character transfer system to U.S. & Euro players, but it is said to become available in the summer.


So what’s next for the TOR-Talk Community? To say it simply, we’re going to get back on track. That means jumping back into the TOR-Talk podcast bi-weekly as a priority; of course that is what the fan site revolves around. The “Jung Ma” campaign will continue to be promoted and the Tribus Guild will continue to promote, facilitate, and ref the events on the server. For the past couple months “TheTORChannel” has become a marketing platform for the “Jung Ma” campaign; however, it is still the official YouTube channel for TOR-Talk. We’re making plans to bring back “TORLoco“, the show’s agenda will continue to exemplify the MMO Industry from a competitive standpoint.


If you want a glimpse of where you can find our content look at the links shown below:

"TOR-Talk" SW:TOR Community Podcast

"TheTORChannel" TOR-Talk YouTube Channel

"Black Ops" Editorial Column on End-Game Operations and SW:TOR Gameplay

"SW:TOR General Coverage" recent updates on SW:TOR.


So now that you have some background on what we've been working one we need your feedback and ideas. As someone playing Star Wars: The Old Republic what type of content would you like to see from the TOR-Talk Community or a fan site in-general?


Are there any specific guides, tips, news, or any other aspect of SW:TOR you would like to see coverage for?

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