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PvP balance is ruined, restore it


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Just like this. At start, the faction difference should be the following: pubs do better heals and damage reduction, empire does more damage.

After certain changes to overal fighting mechanics (expertise damage resuction, for example) it results in following: pubs have like 80% more damage reduction, but empire does like only 20% more damage. This is madness.

Tests show, that 1 vs 1 my sorcerer VS sith warrior (any kind), both geared in full battlemaster ends in skill-dependent win-loss count. 1 vs 1 my sorcerer VS Jedi knight (also in full BM) ends with 100% Jedi knight win with something like 20...50% health left. And it does not depend on player's skill.

In warzones it results in terrific amounts of empire losses.

Yes, now the losses also count for "PvP" daylies, but come on, there is NO fun in getting kicked all the time because of ruined balance. For skilled Republic players constant steamrolling also does not seem to be fun, they have no competition and just quit eventually.

Fix this thing, make skill matter!

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Ok, more testing info to think on.

Jedi sage vs sith sorcerer. Both full BM. No movement, no relics popped, no shields, no stims, no companions. 2 builds: full healer spec and DPS madness-lightning spec (synchronized, meaning both sage and sorc have same skill points distribution, I just don't remember exact sage's skill tree names).

When speced as DPS, the following rotation is done:


Force lightning until Wrath procs

Death field

Crushing darkness insta-cast

Force lightning until wrath procs

Lightning strike insta-cast



Equivalent rotation for sage.


Test 1: DPS sorcerer VS healer sage.

The duels continue until force depletes. Sorcerer can not lower sage's health below 60% any time, he can heal through all the damage. Defeating is not even an option (I remind you, no skill or tactics is involved, no CC; we were just standing and casting damaging and healing abilities).

Test 2: Healer sorcerer VS DPS sage

The duels end around 3rd-4th rotation cycle maximum. Sorcerer ends up dead, he cannot heal through the damage.

Test 3: DPS sorcerer VS DPS sage

All duels end with sorcerers defeat. The sage has from 10% to 30% health left. It NEVER ended with sorcerers victory.


I am sorry, but this is not balance. It is b******t!

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Healer vs DPS is not a test.

A true test is Healer Sorcerer vs Healer Sage.

Or a DSP Sage vs DSP Sorcerer.


The problem is the animations allow the DPS Sorcerer to have edge as animations kill the Sage casting.

The problem is the animation allow the Healing Sorcerer to have the edge as the animation kill the Sage casting.


The favortism for Imperials is insane. To beat a Imperial as a Republic you have to be much more skilled.

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Heres a question, is there an i in team? maybe your pvpers on the server just suck, also with these tests you did, were you using two identical computers, with identical internet connections and identical keybinds? as a slower computer would give lower fps, meaning itd be harder to tell when Global cooldown is up or when abilities have finished firing.
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