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being a loner


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Dear designers;


First I would like to congratulate you on a truly wonderful game. It is everything I expected and more. I pre-ordered as soon as I heard about a coming out. I played World of Warcraft for several years and I also play Conan for a couple of years. World of Warcraft just got so childish they were going back and make everything so easy to level your character because they were concentrating more on the high-end characters, plus they kept changing a lot of different things, which I don't have a problem with . Conan just did not have the backup and then when it was free to play and you could buy everything so that took the fun out of finding it. I decided I was not the game for me. In Star Wars the Old Republic. I was hoping to get everything I wanted and I had. But my main complaint is that I single our solo play. I don't care to join with other groups of people I do not know. So I was very upset to find that when I raise my crafting, on my trooper, up to 400 to find that I could make the oranges that I had just learned to make because they take a crafting material of level VII that as far as I know, is only obtainable through raiding, operations, or large amounts of fleet tokens. I do like PVP, and I have two other friends that I brought over from wow and we get together do a few heroics every once in a while but rating and PVP is not my main concern. I'd much rather play my characters to the storyline, usually by myself and make and obtain things through my playing abilities. I do hope there is another way to obtain a crafting materials I need and if there is would you please let me know that this is one the reasons I left wow because it all became about raiding endgame in you could never get the greatest and latest gear unless you're just constantly doing dailies rating PVP and grinding rep. I realize it is a social game and I will not be able by social products if I don't participate in the social side of the game. But I don't believe that should be the only way for me to finish the game and he began the strongest any other character in the game.


I would also like to ask about the leftover commendations that you have after leaving Voss for example? Do you have plans to let us go back and trade those in for something else or make it so we can cash them in for higher-level commendations?


Thank you very much

Curtis Garner

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