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Temporary Server solution and Faction in balance


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First let me state I KNOW that this would likely be to late to implement since Race/legacy & also would have cut into future earnings from a paid service but here it goes



1) Level 50 toon

2) Completed full class quest

3) Unguilded



The quest will be called"Redemption" for Imps or or Strayed for PUB



It all starts with a quest line that will cost some money, skill, and half a days work but can be soloed. The quest line removes access to your factions fleet and warzones. You will now have no Faction imps or Republic you will be labeled as neutral and be given a tempory neutral fleet that will grant you access to GTN of previous faction, vendors, ect. The quest will allow you go either redeem your imp characters with republic or Stray away following the dark imps.


When you complete the quest you are still an IMP toon or a Pub toon but are granted guest access to the opposing sides fleet. guilds, ect. You will not be able to return to your old faction until redoing the quest line. You'll be able to switch between imps & pub allowing for a better more rounded population.


There will be limits though

Quest can be done only onces every 30 days

You can only remain neutral for 2 days play time

and a few more but i can't think at the moment im tired.

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